Reflective Attic Insulation for your Home Greenovation

eShield™ reflective attic insulation will help transform drafty, energy-wasting attics into updated, environmentally friendly rooms. From stairs to doors and every area in between, this insulation will protect attics from 97 percent of all emission, the type of heatReflective Attic Insulation transfer that results in the most energy loss for homes.

Emission is the direct transfer of heat from a radiant source, such as the sun. What makes eShield™ so effective at blocking emission is the technology used in its manufacture. eShield™ is made from the same state-of-the-art reflective material used in NASA spacesuits. This reflective material will help keep in warm air during the cooler months and cold air during the warmer months. This will ensure maximum indoor comfort, no matter the outside temperature, along with much lower energy bills.

When you decide to have eShield™ reflective attic insulation installed in your home, you not only get the benefit of the most advanced insulation product on the market today, but you will also receive assistance from our knowledgeable green contractors. Our contractors will come out to your home and perform an energy analysis, determining which areas of your house are the biggest energy wasting culprits and proposing possible remedies.

For more information on eShield™ reflective attic insulation and how our green contractors can get you on an energy- and cost-saving path, please contact us today. If you’re a contractor looking to join our dealer network, you can also call or e-mail us for assistance.