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With the current tidal wave of environmentally-friendly products hitting the market, figuring out which are actually worth the money can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But of all these energy saving products, eShield™ multi-layer foil insulation truly rises above the rest.

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How Proper Home Insulation Helps You Save Energy

A technician installing foil insulation in an atticAccording to the United States Department of Energy, insulation is a very important element in building construction, one which homeowners shouldn’t take for granted if they want to reduce their energy use and expenditures. Together with other practices like air sealing and improving ventilation, proper insulation can help lower homes’ heating and cooling costs while also improving the comfort levels of indoor environments.

To understand how insulation can do wonders for your home, you should first understand how heat transfer works. Basically, heat transfer or heat flow happens through three basic mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation. 

  • Conduction – Conduction occurs when heat moves through materials, such as when the heat from the sun moves from your roof to your walls.
  • Convection – Convection happens when heat is transferred through the movement of fluids. In homes, the fluid is usually the air, which can circulate heat throughout the property.
  • Radiation – Radiation, on the other hand, happens when thermal radiation from the sun is absorbed by building elements like your roof and walls and then radiated into your home’s living spaces.

The heating of your home occurs due to a combination of these three heat transfer mechanisms. It is important to note that heat flows from warmer areas to cooler areas, always seeking to achieve thermal equilibrium or the point when there is no longer temperature differences among the different areas or environments involved. This means that during the winter, when you are heating your home, the heat can flow from heated spaces to the unheated spaces of your property, including the outdoors. The opposite happens in summer, when heat from the outside tries to get inside your home.

Insulation products like reflective insulation, fiberglass insulation, and reflective window insulation all help to reduce unwanted heat loss and heat gain, thereby also decreasing the amount of energy your home needs to run its heating and cooling systems.

If you want to learn more about the home insulation process and the many insulation products available at your disposal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with eShield by calling 866-978-9170 . We are committed to helping you increase the energy efficiency of your home with our exemplary range of high-tech insulation and energy-saving solutions.