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Balancing Hot and Cold: The Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation

In the past, crawl spaces were not really given much thought. As the name implies, these spaces are not even big enough to house a person standing up; hence, they only exist to house the piping, cabling, and ductwork of a house.

However, recently there has been a movement to install insulation for this part of the house. Why the change in attitude? Here’s why.

Insulation, According to the Experts

According to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, there are two main reasons to insulate the crawl space of a house:

  • Insulation is not needed anymore for piping and ductwork.
  • Air sealing between house and crawlspace is made less critical.

In the past, uninsulated crawl spaces made homeowners worry, as piping and ductwork can be affected adversely by extreme temperatures. This means that pipes may burst in winter, due to being frozen. There are also some cases wherein heat can do the same.

The old-fashioned solution to prevent pipe damage in winter is to simply turn up the thermostat. By making the area above the crawl space hotter, the heat will warm up the floor, helping increase the air temperature in the crawl space itself. The reverse is true for summer—the air conditioning ends up working double time.

However, this means higher energy bills whatever the season, just to protect the pipes. So while most homeowners in the past would end up bearing the recurring cost to prevent pipe damage, today installing insulation is a far more cost-effective choice.

Better Home Air Quality

Homeowners can also help maintain the high quality of their home’s air by installing insulation. If the conditions above the crawl space can affect the space itself, then whatever is below can also affect the temperatures above. After all, up to 40% of a house’s air comes up from the crawl space. And without insulation, up to 45% of a house’s heat or air conditioning seeps through the crawl space.

With insulation, the air between these two spaces is prevented from circulating freely. Hence, it helps the house’s air sealing mechanisms, creating a better experience for everyone.

Preventing Further Damage

By keeping the crawl space temperature right with insulation, the growth of mold—which thrives in damp, moist environments—can be also better prevented.  Mold also has a tendency to destroy parts of the house, as well as cause ailments among its dwellers. Hence, installing insulation won’t just prevent damage. It can also help protect its inhabitants.

With all these benefits, it’s a must to have insulation installed in your house now. To get the right type installed in your house, just call eShield at 866-978-9170