Improve the Attic Insulation in Your Fort Smith, Arkansas, Home

Attic Insulation - Fort Smith, ARThe attic insulation that we offer at eShield™ in the Fort Smith, AR, community is designed to greatly improve the overall energy efficiency of area homes. Whether you are tired of watching your heating and cooling expenses fluctuate significantly, you struggle to keep your home at a consistent, comfortable temperature, or you are environmentally conscious and want to cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions, our comprehensive attic insulation system – known as “The Perfect Attic System” – is an excellent option.

As many as 100 million American homes are currently believed to be under-insulated. The problem, it turns out, is that many homeowners don’t know that they have insufficient insulation in their homes. They simply accept that heating bills are higher in the winter and cooling costs are higher in the summer. Yet, there is an alternative to this problem. At eShield™, we help improve the energy efficiency of your home by installing:

  • Radiant barrier insulation – This highly advanced insulation features dual layers of 99-percent pure reinforced reflective insulation and a high-density fiberglass core. A single layer of this insulation is comparable to installing an additional five feet of fiberglass insulation.
  • Blown-in insulation – Our blown-in insulation is made from recycled materials and guaranteed to retain its installed R-value for as long as you own your home.

The third component to “The Perfect Attic System” is our home air sealing service. This service is designed to prevent air leakage in the attic and is used to find and treat problem areas around duct registers, attic hatches, plumbing vent stacks, and other similar locations.

To learn more about the attic insulation that we offer in Fort Smith, AR, as well as our other products and services, click here to find a local eShield™ dealer near you.